10 February 2011

Major Server Updates & New Android Version

Cnectd has spent the last few months updating their servers.

The result is lightening fast messaging and increased reliability.

We are also in the process of updating all our clients.

Android is first!
Head to the Android Market Place to download our latest version v2.1.5 or download it from GetJar's AppIt! link at http://getjar.com/Cnectd

Any Feedback is greatly appreciated!

We hope you enjoy.


  1. it would be convenient to for the chat to default to the bottom (latest entry) of the current chat history. It's quite annoying when you have a long chat that every time i jump back into an active chat that I have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

  2. The position of the name should be below baloon chat. Or chat baloon frame rotated direction toward the name.

  3. When is the new update going to be released? Messages are being delivered and received very late still.

  4. Great service! it would be even better if there would be available an auto-backup of the conversations in gmail...

  5. ul should get app 2 sd support(store thr app on sd card), otherwise ul have no advantage over whatsapp which is way more popular.....

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