26 February 2010

Cnectd v1.4.1 - Updated Version

Please download the latest version of cnectd from the App Store with the following new features:

FIX for Push Notification problems affecting some users
general bug fixes
emoji support
google map icon for locations

Download cnectd for the iPhone at http://iphonecnectd.notlong.com
Download cnectd for the Android at http://androidcnectd.notlong.com


Search for cnectd on the App Store for iPhone or Market for Android

19 February 2010

cnectd v1.4 is now live on the app store

Find Friends in the new contacts search..

> Search by recently updated profiles &
> Search for contacts Near Me! (by city and country)

New & improved syncing system and updated bar.

Enhanced location sharing.

Talk to your friends on other smartphones...

17 February 2010

cnectd beta live on market place

The beta version of cnectd v0.9.0 for cnectd is now live on the android market place!

Just search for cnectd

cnectd is now cross-platform. Send free messages to anybody on an Android or iPhone for FREE!

12 February 2010


The symbian version of cnectd will be available shortly!

Please keep checking for future updates.

Click here to download cnectd for the iPhone

Click here to download cnectd for Android

04 February 2010

Improved speed & performance

cnectd has moved over to new servers to allow for improved speed & performance. The move also increases reliability ensuring messages are delivered on time. cnectd now allows users to send larger images. The new version will also support all languages so you can use cnectd anywhere across the globe.

FREE for a limited time only!

Download cnectd
Download Cnectd

Cnectd is a cross-platform messaging application for mobile devices. Cnectd provides real-time messaging with push notifications so that you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues without paying the costs of SMS text messaging.