14 December 2009

Version 1.2 is live

cnectd(",) v1.2 is now available for download via the AppStore.

Whats news:
Landscape mode
General bug fixes

cnectd will be upgrading its servers to allow for faster & more reliable service shortly.

09 December 2009

Version 1.2 submitted to App Store

The latest version of cnectd has been submitted to the App Store

New features include:
landscape mode
general bug fixes


03 December 2009

Version 1.1 live on App Store


The new version of cnectd for the iPhone (ver 1.1) is now live on the App Store.

Future updates will still be coming soon.

Please post any comments or questions below.

27 November 2009

New verison of cnectd

We have been receiving lots of positive feedback from cnectd users.

A new version of cnectd has been submitted to the Apple App Store.
The new version has some minor changes and bug fixes.

Please keep checking back for future updates.

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24 November 2009

cnectd now available for download

Thanks for all your patience.

cnectd(",) is now available for download via the Apple app store.

Click the link below to download cnectd or search for it on the app store.

Download cnectd

Please note we are in progress of updating this website.

Any queries, ideas or bug reports can be emailed to support@cnectd.com. Alternatively please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

We hope you enjoy using cnectd(",)

05 November 2009

cnectd has been submitted

Hey all,

cnectd had been submitted to the Apple App Store. Hopefully it will be available for download as soon as possible! Keep checking back for further updates.

Date Submitted:
05 November 2009

Waiting For Review

27 October 2009


The first version of cnectd(",) for the iPhone is in development and will be submitted to the AppStore soon.

Please keep checking back for future developments.

26 October 2009

About us

Cnectd(“,) is a FREE messaging facility. Allowing u 2 send text messages 2 anyone, anywhere, anytime, FREE!! All u need to do is download cnectd!!

Cnectd(“,) is the most complete messaging application yet with features that include:
• Create custom nickname/alias
• Choose a personal profile picture
• Update your status
• Create and manage groups
• Have group chats
• Notification messages – you don’t have to be in the application to get messages that somebody has sent you• Add unlimited contacts
• Created unlimited groups
• Update your own profile
• Update group profile
• iPhone styled SMS chat
• and much much more...

Cnectd(“,) is available for download on Apple’s Appstore. Get it now to start sending messages for free. Click here to download.

Cnectd is committed to providing an unparalleled user experience, while ensuring every1 stays cnectd....4free!!! Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime! (",)
Download Cnectd

Cnectd is a cross-platform messaging application for mobile devices. Cnectd provides real-time messaging with push notifications so that you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues without paying the costs of SMS text messaging.