13 December 2011

Cnectd Messenger 3.0 is now live!

Firstly the team at Cnectd would like to say a big thanks to all the Cnectd users who have been using our messaging service and providing us with feedback since our beta launch. It’s been a crazy ride since the launch and we thank you for coming along with us and sharing the experience! We value all user feedback and as such have taken the most requested features and combined them into the latest version of Cnectd Messenger 3.0.

Over the past few months we have entirely re-developed our messaging system to ensure that users receive the best possible messaging experience. Our focus is to provide our users with a messaging system that is both fast and dependable.

Today we are officially releasing the latest version of Cnectd Messenger to the public. Android and Blackberry users can download the latest versions off the appropriate App Stores (the iPhone version is still pending approval on the Apple App Store).

The latest version of Cnectd Messenger costs $2.99 for 3 users. Cnectd has the unique ability to share your licences with family and friends ensuring that you can keep in touch with the people that matter most to you.

For all the users who are still using the old system you will have some time to upgrade before we shut down the old server.

Please visit http://dl.cnectd.com from your device to download the new version.
We hope you enjoy using Cnectd and are looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards
Cnectd Team


  1. When will version 3 be available on the iphone?

  2. Where is the Nokia version of 3.0??

  3. Cnectd 3.0 for the iPhone will be available shortly. We are awaiting approval from Apple.

  4. Will the new version fix the issue with not being able to connect or log into the app? I continue to get a message about not being able to connect to the server.

  5. No this issue will be resolved.

  6. what about updates for symbian devices. The previous version 2.0 refuses 2 work on my Nokia E5. Please, do something about it.

  7. Hi

    With the latest version of Cnectd we no longer support Symiban. This may change moving forward.

  8. this is really so u no longer support nokia after wondering why i can not log in

    1. Yes, unfortunately we no longer support Nokia :(


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