24 March 2010

BlackBerry Version in beta

The Blackberry version will be available to beta testers shortly

Please email blackberry@cnectd.com if you like to become a blackberry tester


  1. Gerardo HernandezApril 15, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    when a beta version will be available to test the app ?? I already have it in my iPhone but I want to use it in my blackberry too...


  2. there is avalible for the BlackBerry 9530? touch OS 5.0

  3. Blackberry versions are available

    Please visit http://cnectd.getjar.com from your BlackBerry's browser.

  4. I have it on my blackberry.. its cool but it will not let me view my location or anyone elses ;(

  5. Hello, i had downloaded cnectd from blackberry 9500. but I can't register.
    the message show "Unfortunately the username already taken" but i tried to pick another username.
    Can I register in website ?

  6. how do i delete a contact ?


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