29 March 2010

Cnectd iPhone - New Update v1.5

The latest version of cnectd for iPhone is now live on the app store!

Here's whats new:

Facebook connect – find all your facebook friends on cnectd. Invite facebook friends to join cnectd. Ability to update Facebook status through cnectd
Search for contacts & Groups
Improved profile pages
Ability to expand and save images
Feedback form
Expandable profile images
Vibration & sound alert for new notifications while you’re in the app


  1. hi i am a cnectd iser on iphone, it's a great app, but recently i have faced some problems with the app, i don't if the phone is the problem.. but it shows an error message bcoz of serever n it doesn't sync a message box appears to me from my friends but wen i open the app it dpesn't sync so i can c wut they have written.. i tried to delete the app n re download it again but it does not sync my user, can anyone help?

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the feedback.

    We have recently upgraded our servers so it should be working better now.

    I wasn't sure if I understood your problem. Are you saying that you are not receiving the notifications when a new message arrives?

    Please email support@cnectd.com for any further assistance.

  3. hi, my friend n I have been using this apps. It great !!! however I like to make 1 suggestion, that is can we have the information like who are the group members, and can we have some privacy setting like only creator of the group can accept or decline people from joining the group.

    This apps is great and hope to receive any upgrade soon.. :)

  4. Hi! im new to this app and im having a hard time starting a group chat. How exactly does that work? I created a group but i dont see an option to invite contacts to it. Thank you!

  5. Hi

    There is no option to invite contacts to groups at this point. This feature will be available in future versions.

    The members need to request to join the group.


  6. How do I delete my information completely? I do not like this messenger and when I deleted the app the first time I was able to login on my friends phone.

  7. How do I delete my location?

  8. @Vash you cant 'delete' your location! We will be adding in some privacy setting so you can elect to not update location

  9. how do i delete my account?

  10. Can u try to make cnectd syncronise when im not on it...
    and if that is already possible can u tell me how?
    Im on an iphone,

  11. Hi

    cnectd should synchronise when you're no it. It could be a problem with your push messaging. Are you using an unlocked or jailbroken iPhone?

  12. The push notification on my I phone for cnectd is not working don't know y? it is v 3.1.3 & push notifications for other Apps. is working!

    Thank u ;)

  13. How do u delete this app if u didn't get it from the market

  14. how can I delete a group I have created? or maybe change its name... Also I would like to know how to delete a contact. Thanks!

  15. Why isn't anyone answering the question of how you delete account? I want every thing completely erased I don't want to delete app from phone but still be able to log in on a friends phone

  16. How do you delete your account??

  17. It is not letting my sync up with facebook on the iphone 4 i just get a blank box that pops up multiple times and sometimes a message saying an error occurred. It never works. Also when people send me an invite i go to view profile and they completely disappear. lots of bugs.

  18. There was an error communication your login with the cnectd server, pleas try again later

    please help me


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