13 May 2010

cnectd for BlackBerry had arrived!


We are excited to release the BlackBerry BETA version to testers. Please download the appropriate version for your BlackBerry by pointing your browser to the appropriate download link below.

Download links:

OS 5.0 or higher
Click here

OS 4.5 – 4.7
Click Here

We would appreciate any feedback and thoughts


  1. Wow, I'm loving this!

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for the great work, Please add Invite to groups and simleys.

  3. also group memberlist would be great to have

  4. chat logs would be another feature, the reliance on BBM would be killed if all those functions are made available on cnectd. Would be great to be platform independent

  5. Hey, thanks for all the feedback.

    We'll add as many of these features as we can. Glad you like using it.

  6. Cuales dispositivos ( modelos de blackberry ) son compatibles : ?? (i have a storm )

  7. Having issues with notifications not clearing after viewing and push registration keeps failing on my 8900 running 5.0. Other then that it is pretty nice.

  8. not letting me register.

  9. It's asking for a username and password, how do I get that?

  10. Hi

    you need to create your own username and password to register to use @cnectd. Remember to make it easy to remember for other people to add you.

    We are busy upgrading cnectd and we are taking in all the feedback we are receiving!

    Thanks for the all the great support.

  11. My BB version is not allowing me to register for push activation, which is a drag because now I have to manual sync in order to receive new notifications. I always get the msg "Application is not running or doesn't process messages."

    username: DrKane

  12. Hi Anonymous

    Can you confirm you are running the appropriate version for your OS on ur BB? it sounds like you may be trying to run the wrong version, or even that you dont have BIS service?

  13. i cant even upload a picture; how do u scroll down the list to upload a picture, i try searching people and it doesnt even pick them up, worst app ever

  14. i can't register. the app keeps saying the name is taken. please help me

  15. como ago pa ponerlo e mi BB

  16. hey how do we register??

  17. Hi

    Some users are experiencing problems uploading pictures, we are working on a solution.

    If the name is taken please choose another name.

    You register by choosing a username and password. When you open the application and it asks if you have registered please select 'No'.

    Please check the website and blog for updates.

  18. hey how do I connect it to facebook?!?!

  19. hi
    i'm blackberry user

    its great app but..... still not like BBM
    many of things not working and missing too.
    can't upload pictures
    no broadcasting
    no voice note
    no PING!!!
    groups an ok


  20. HI, im from Venezuela....incredible app, its reiable, ive been talking to my friends for 3 days and its working.I like the presentation, its white simple, not ugly and its fast, like a serious practical app.Stable system and server, though:
    bugs and issues I found(iphone):
    1)sometimes the app closes after adding a friend.
    2)sometimes messages cant be sent ( have to cick "send" again until it the message can be sent
    3)Sometimes I lose conection to server and cant syncronize( at least I know that it was working very stable befor losing connection, anyway if you refresh it works again) if this didnt happen Ild say it is the most stable server (because all the messages ive sent until now have been delivered)
    4)Most of the time I cant invite facebook friends

    Features that can be added(guess you already heard about some of these)
    1)Being able to creat a nick instead of showing your username
    2)Ability to know you ccontact has recieved the messge, and that he has or has not read it) like Blackberry feature...also being able to see f you contact is typing
    3)clearing conversations sliding your finger instead of having to open it and press "clear"
    3) being able to watch profiles from people that pretend to add you, befor you add them.
    4) also i think the notification that let you know when someone deletes you is pretty mean, I would care if it remains though.
    ALSO: PLEAS ANSWER THIS: its this gps locating feature safe?? I mean Ive sent my location and ive checked: its my exact location...im ok with that as long as I DECIDE to send my location...Imworried about people seeng my location...thank u very much keep kicking ass

  21. Im the one who wrote this comment the comment above(didnt want to be anonymouse).=)

  22. Sorry to post again, I forgot to say that the send locatio feature is amazing, very cool, IM still woried about it btw, please answr =)

  23. Hi Jose

    Thank you very much for your extensive commenting.

    With Regards to the location we are releasing a new version within the next few days which will you complete control over you profile and who can see your location. You can hide it completely.

    As you said we are of most of the bugs and are working our best to fix them.

    We are already implementing many of the new features you recommended.

    Please keep checking for updates.


  24. hi,i´m using a bb 8320 and i´m tryng to download from here http://www.cnectd.com/B1/CnectdBlackberry4.jad and it send me a message that i cant install it in OS 4.5 because i dont have 2 modules in my bb OS

  25. T-Mobile Blackberry Bold 9700

    When I click "register for push" the status changes to Active then a few seconds later, it changes to "Failed - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Push Application Dispatcher supports only one application".

    I can choose deregister and then register again and it will stay on Active, but when someone else sends me a message, it's clear that it is not active. I've checked to make sure all the Application's permissions are showing as all allowed. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall as well as reboot the phone.

  26. hello..
    i'm using bb javelin 8900, n i had download cnectd from bb app world, ana i can't register

    i've tried 20 different names (even the most personal name) n still its already taken.. hiks

    can u help me please....
    thanks a bunch

  27. hi,
    i download the cnectd for 0s5 but when its done says that:

    this application requires the following modules, which are not installed:

    how can i get this modules so i can use the cnectd for os5

    i you can help me pls?

  28. how to select gender?. send email pls

  29. it wont let me upload a picture from my gallery.
    why? i cant scroll down to pick that option.

  30. i am using lg kp500, i was cnectd on my phone, suddenly i mistakenly deleted on my phone. i downloaded a new. but when i complete the all process of registering, its tells me check your mobile number and register again. i do that, i still keep saying the same thing. is there are technical problem somewhere with cnectd?

  31. wats the maximum user for group?


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